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Wind & Solar

Wind Turbine - Beware of MAKEMU Green Energy

Initially we decided to purchase a  750w vertical wind turbine which we installed in 2018 from a company in Italy, MAKEMU Green Energy. This turbine was fitted to our radar arch and has worked extremely well and probably with the right wind conditions produces about 300w. Since it was so good I purchased a second one, 300w in 2019 and it came with a 2 year guarantee. I wish I had not - MAKEMU Green Energy customer service is non existent. In July 2020 we started hearing a grinding noise from this second turbine and on investigation found that the alternator bearings appeared to have failed. Expecting the company to replace the unit under warranty I contacted them by email and via Ebay messaging however without avail. No one answers the phone. After 9 emails I gave up and have removed the turbine. Since you cannot get the replacement unit from any other source as it needs to fit in the vertical tube I have now scrapped the turbine and cannot recommend MAKEMU Green Energy for the supply of these turbines due to their non existent customer service. Lesson learnt!

The benefit of a properly working vertical turbine is that they are totally silent and anyone who has ever moored by a boat with the traditional type will know, squeaking and prop noise can be extremely annoying not only to yourselves but any other boaters near you.

Solar Panels

Our first choice of panels were 2 x 100w flexible panels which worked fine however did allow water to sit underneathcausing leaks and therefore I have changed to a 250w rigid panel which is excellent and fits perfectly on the coach house roof. I have also coated the roof with a 10year guaranteed flat roof sealer !

The 2 40w panels on the front deck hatches that supply the windlass battery maintain it at full charge.

We have 1 other panel, a very small one located on the Clipper wind vane that transmits wind speed and direction wirelessly to the control unit.